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by kate-campbell

After renovating for what seems like forever, theres only one room left in my house with exposed drywall and today I’m working on finishing it.  The spotlight is on BEHR® products, celebrated for their value-driven approach, offering both low cost and uncompromising quality.

To start, Ill be using BEHR® Drywall Plus Primer and Sealer.

Surface Sealing and Uniform Absorption:

For any paint project, and especially when working with exposed drywall, the foundation is crucial.  BEHR Drywall Plus Primer and Sealer is designed to seal the porous surface of drywall and helps achieve a more uniform finish while also helping with the adhesion of the next layer of paint.  This is really important if you are painting over new or repaired drywall, like I am here, where the surface might be inconsistent due to joint compound or patches.


Stain Blocking and Hiding Imperfections:

BEHR Drywall Plus, Primer and Sealer also has properties that help block stains and hide imperfections on the wall. This is especially useful when dealing with areas that may have water stains, ink marks, or other blemishes, providing a cleaner and more professional-looking finish.

This primer not only lays the groundwork for a flawless finish but does so without burning a hole in your pocket. The main message here is clear: affordable excellence. As a business owner, budget is *always* on my mind.  Every dollar counts and that’s the added bonus of using BEHR paints: You stick to your budget without sacrificing quality.  And the quality of my projects is SO important because it directly influences my reputation and my business. 

Next up?

On the walls I used BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint & Primer in an eggshell sheen. I chose the colour Whipped Cream DC-001 from the BEHR Designer Collection, to keep the space light and bright.

Its The eggshell finish leaves a soft and subtle sheen that resists dirt and grime. I was also really impressed the consistency of this product – it was just right, not too thick or thin. It’s also worth mentioning the user-friendly and functional design of the simple pour lid and spout. It makes clean up so much easier and it leaves less room for accidental spills. The dry time was impressive and the overall finish of the paint completely transformed the look and feel of this space. Light and bright!  

To finish this project off, I installed the last piece of baseboard, caulking the top with BEHR® Rapid Dry Acrylic Caulk (I love that its paint ready in as little as 10 minutes!)  It can be used for trim, crown moulding, baseboards, doors and windows.  It totally brought the room together and made it feel complete. The cherry on top of the ‘Whipped Cream’ cake.

Behr Products: Quality without Compromise 

For painting professionals, the marriage of cost-effectiveness and top-tier quality is non-negotiable. Behr not only acknowledges this but excels in providing products that redefine the standards of value in the professional painting arena. Every product I used in this transformation is a testament to Behr’s commitment to delivering quality without inflating the project budget.

You can find these BEHR products exclusively at The Home Depot Canada.  Learn more about BEHR products at behrpro.ca/pro

This post is sponsored by BEHR®


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