BEHR® Brilliance: Make Over My Mudroom with Premium Paint Products

by kate-campbell


In the world of home improvement, the transformation of a space often begins with a simple brushstroke. My mudroom is functional but it’s an often overlooked utilitarian space.  With its builder grade cabinets and boring aesthetic, this room provided me with the perfect canvas for a makeover. This blog will delve into the process of revamping my mudroom cabinets, highlighting the transformative power of BEHR® products and how they have evolved to become a go-to choice for professionals.


The journey begins with a can of BEHR PREMIUM Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel Paint in Limousine Leather MQ5-05, (the perfect black in my opinion!). This specially formulated paint is designed to have excellent flow and levelling and dries to a hard, durable finish. Obviously cabinets get a lot of use and this mudroom is a thoroughfare in our home, so durability is a must.  When you’re taking the time to make over a space, you want to make sure the fruits of your labour last (this especially applies to contractors – the last thing you want is a call back because your paint is chipping!) and that’s why I chose BEHR PREMIUM Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel Paint.  Its advanced formula also ensures easy application, providing a professional touch to cabinets, that goes beyond the capabilities of regular paints.


To add a touch of elegance and texture, the next step involved installing fluted wooden wall panels that I picked up from The Home Depot Canada. Behr’s commitment to innovation extends to its interior stain regimen, which was instrumental in achieving the rich, golden hue on these panels.



Before staining, it’s crucial to prepare the wood surface. BEHR Water-Based’s Pre Stain Wood Conditioner ensures an even absorption of stain, preventing blotching and streaking. This step showcases the dedication from Behr Paint to creating a comprehensive system for professional results.

The choice of stain plays a pivotal role in determining the final look. BEHR Fast Drying Water-Based Wood Stain in Golden Oak not only provides a warm and inviting colour but it also dries quickly, saving valuable time on projects.  I went with Golden Oak B4510 because of its rich brown undertones and boy did it deliver! 

To protect and preserve the beauty of the stained wood, the final touch involves sealing with BEHR Fast Drying Water-Based Polyurethane in Matte. This not only enhances the longevity of the fluted panels but also complements the subtle sheen finish of the cabinets.  

These products were all so easy to apply and work with – the results spoke for themselves!  The wood fluting is a gorgeous accent and plays off of the BEHR PREMIUM Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel Paint in Limousine Leather MQ5-05 perfectly! The BEHR Interior Stain regimen is another example of how BEHR is committed to helping paint pros achieve high quality, long lasting, durable and professional projects. 

BEHR Paint Products – More than Just DIY:

BEHR has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, transcending its identity as a brand primarily associated with DIY projects. The introduction of specialty paints and finishes, such as the BEHR Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel Paint and BEHR Fast Drying Water-Based Polyurethane, demonstrates commitment to meeting the demands of professionals.

Innovation and Differentiating Benefits:

Advanced Formulas: BEHR products boast advanced formulas that set them apart in terms of durability, coverage, and ease of application.

Comprehensive Systems: The interior wood care product collection exemplifies Behr’s dedication to providing professionals with a complete system, ensuring optimal results at every stage of a project.

Project-Specific Solutions: With a diverse range of BEHR products catering to different surfaces and project requirements, the brand has become a one-stop-shop for professionals, offering convenience and reliability.

This mudroom transformation exemplifies the power of innovation in the realm of home improvement. BEHR products show a commitment to quality, durability, and ease of use that is evident throughout the process, making it a top choice for professionals seeking exceptional results.



You can find BEHR products exclusively at The Home Depot Canada, making them easily accessible for all your professional jobs and home improvement projects.  Learn more about BEHR products at behrpro.ca

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